Atelier Polyhedre

Created in 2007 by Baptiste Ymonet and Vincent Jousseaume, Atelier Polyhedre is at the frontiers of the visual and decorative arts through an experimental and artisanal approach to ceramics, notions of objects and environments.

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Located in Nantes, the workshop is on the outskirts of the city center, on the edge of the Loire.
It is here that Baptiste and Vincent ensure the creation of the models, the realization of the molds, the production in small series, the firing as well as all the satellite operations for communication and diffusion.


A place dedicated to the invention and manufacture of ceramic pieces Mainly by the use of earthenware slip cast in plaster molds which allow the precise reproduction of the developed collections.
A rhythm and a four-handed implementation allowing the necessary attention for each object produced.


<<Very early on, the use of plaster molds imposed itself in the workshop. First to allow the editing of parts in several copies. An asset for fixing precise angles, flat surfaces and reproducing them easily. Or on the contrary, freezing by molding wilder and ephemeral states leaving a part of chance in the formation of volumes.
The relationship maintained with a mold is quite intimate after all. First there is the production of what is called the model which will be used to manufacture the elements which will constitute the final mould. A more or less complex mold depending on the desired shape.
Once the mold is ready, it is necessary to try it several times to understand its nature. Even if it has been thought out for a long time to optimize the mold release, there are always surprises. In fact, you have to observe his reactions to what was initially imagined in order to then, in a certain way, adapt to him and obtain the expected result.
After several years, the molds are taking up more and more space in the workshop! By their accumulation, they fill the shelves, shelving, trays, they jostle each other according to orders and you have to deploy a whole host of stratagems to live and work with.

Extrait du catalogue Terracotta Domestica, 2021, édition Musées de Sarreguemines.

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