Set of fifteen pieces all made up of the assembly of three different prints: the square, rectangular and round tube.
The plaster mold is no longer only used to reproduce but also becomes a creative tool.

Glissements de terrains set presented at the DMA Galerie offers a set of diverse pieces reduced to their simplest expression by a bold assembly of basic shapes such as the cylinder, the square and the rectangle. Carafes, cups, vases, consoles, a set with precise and clean lines.

A new facet of the workshop was revealed during the preparation of the exhibition for the DMA gallery. To respond to the work of Mardi Noir which was going to move from the intervention in the street to the occupation of a gallery, Vincent & Baptiste wanted to operate a similar movement by moving an element of the urban environment to use it as a basis for reflection and creation, a kind of landslide.

It is a construction plot that was chosen, a purely functional object used to maintain protective grids of areas under construction, a rustic object, an amalgam of plastic designed by an engineer without aesthetic bias but which fascinated the two creators by its ultra-basic, rudimentary and massive forms. This type of block is pierced with several round, square and rectangular holes. It is they who will be at the source of the multiple forms developed with the intention of dressing these studs and transforming them into improbable tables.

A new landslide, a playground in this case for Atelier Polyhedre, by imposing the unique use of its three elementary forms that had to be transformed through assemblies transformed into various table accessories and utilitarian objects: cups, vases, decanters, teapot, consoles …


DMA Galerie, Rennes, 2011

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