h. 35 cm and h. 40 cm, red earthenware and transparent enamel, 2022

Their design reflects the artists’ strong interest in both traditional Japanese basketwork and the proto-Corinthian ceramics of ancient Greece. While these two references may seem a world apart, they come together to bring new shapes to life.

Like the otoshi, a bamboo vase encased in delicate basketry, these pieces are made up of two parts: a cylindrical body and its wrapping. The parts are held together by a generously proportioned ring, modelled on the neck of a Greek aryballos.That tribute is amplified by the use of terracotta, Atelier Polyhedre’s signature material.

In a form both open and closed, the two terracotta vases stand out thanks to the thick, curved sheet that surrounds and structures them. This intricate joining is the basis for the solid double handles. Yes, the handles are practically abstract, but they retain their primary function for the handling of the pieces.
Folding, constraining and joining are integral to an exercise in tension and assembly where the construction asserts itself : the neck and the bowed body give flow to the lines and their tight joins. These elements give the vases their bold, vertical silhouettes, softened by the play of shadow and light that reveals the contrasts of their shapes and surfaces.

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