Noires Surfaces’s exhibition follows “De fer, d’or et d’argent” artistic residency initiated by Antoinette Parrau.
Nantes School of Fine Arts, 2018

Following a Japanese immersion, this residency gave us the opportunity to develop a first series of research around the glaze called Temmoku, a black glaze studded with silver nucleations that originated in Song ceramic production in China.
This starting principle led to the development of a set of combinations alternating oscillating and moving planes, slopes, hollows and fractures.
Some could extend to infinity, without ever breaking, while others are deliberately compartmentalized.
A whole series of surfaces capable of experimenting with the glazes that we have made and the flows generated by the passage in the oven.
High-temperature fusions that make it possible to deal with the natural phenomena of gravity, transformation, subsidence and tension that can sometimes go as far as rupture.

Magmatic patterns, cosmic fragments, sparkles… A series of multiples in which the function ends up getting lost and which instead show a whole variation of blacks evolving over the tests and experiments.
A repertoire of forms, sometimes almost mechanical, by molding or extrusion over which the enamel flows freely. A mix between the support and the fondant in the image of the interface, this limit zone where clay and glaze merge intimately.

Picture by Antoinette Parrau


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